Input Formats

The Batchgrouper is capable of accepting a range of input formats. In the following sections, we provide links to documentations of the various formats.

BFS Format

This format has been developed by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. The documentation for this format is available at


When reading the gestational age, the Batchgrouper only considers the variable 4.8.v16 in the MD line. The gestational age encoded in variable 2.3.v03 in the MN line is ignored!

SwissDRG Batchgrouper Format 2017

The revised batchgrouper format defined as of 2017 is documented in SwissDRG Batchgrouper Format 2017.

This format includes medication information and therefore supports full supplement grouping for both CHOP and ATC based supplements.

URL Format

As of grouper version 1.1.0, the URL format is exactly the same as the Batchgrouper Format 2017, with the only difference being that some characters are replaced with characters that are safe to be included in an URL:

  • ; is replaced with _
  • | is replaced with -
  • : is replaced with $

Due to the similarity with the Batchgrouper Format 2017, this format also supports full supplement grouping for both CHOP and ATC based supplements. Use this format if you need to store the state of a patient case in an URL.

Legacy SwissDRG Batchgrouper Format

The legacy Batchgrouper format is documented in Altes SwissDRG Batchgrouper Inputformat.


This format does not include medications. Supplement grouping with this format will only consider supplements with respect to CHOP codes. For supplement grouping that includes ATC based supplements, please consider using the SwissDRG Batchgrouper Format 2017 or the BFS format.